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Gear Lists

Hike Gear List:

  • ClothingLayers is a good idea. Beavers, Cubs or Scouts can remove/add depending on conditions. Breathable fabrics (e.g. sports tops) work better than cotton in wet conditions. Fleeces are lighter than wool. They’ll get cold and wet wearing jeans – go for jog pants or hiking type trousers. Don’t forget a warm hat, a sun hat and gloves – we get all types of weather in a day in Ireland. 

  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Raingeara hooded jacket and over trousers. The emphasis is on being rain proof. Warmth can be handled by wearing extra layers underneath. 

  • Hiking Boots or Hiking Shoes

  • Backpack (packed with a drink, lunch + first aid kit)

  • Gaiters - optional

Camping Gear List:



* Uniform   * Outdoor coat   * Changes of clothes   * Spare runners   * Pyjamas


Sleeping Equipment:

* Sleeping Bag  * Sleeping/ground Mat  * Pillow  * Torch  * One Teddy Bear (Beavers only)


Wash Gear:

   * Toothbrush   * Toothpaste   * Soap and face cloth   * Towel


Eating Utensils:

*Knife    * Fork   * Spoon   * Bowl      * Plate   * Cup

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